Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Smart phones- best friends of every individual

The features and uses mentioned in the article are surely going to help you while buying a Smartphones for yourself. Smart phones have very efficiently replaced the laptops, organizers and PDA's as these alone are enough to serve you with its innumerable functions and applications. Smart phone is an innovation which has changed everyone's life by becoming a big savor of time and resources.

In this technology driven era, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest gizmos that are available in the market. A number of them are tablets, I pod, Smart watches, smart phones etc. but amongst all of them, smart phones are one in vogue and the most desirable. According to a report published in a renowned magazine, it has been observed that simple feature phones are being replaced by the smart phones. The reasons behind this switching are evident and are discussed in this article.
You are no longer confined to your laptop for checking e-mails, browsing, connecting to social websites or making online payments as smart phones helps you doing all these things with a blink of an eye. These phones perform myriad functions which are beyond anyone's imagination. Whether booking movie tickets online, reply to the mails, video conferencing and many more. With the help of your smart phone you can do anything and everything while on the go. These phones have brought ease to the busy lives and have incepted saving precious time for your loved ones.
Smart phones do not possess only the "most useful" tag but also has the dapper looks. These phones mostly come in two basic colors – Black and white but there are certain decorative skins available in the market which makes your gadget looks beautiful. Talking about its hardware how can we forget to mention the camera, one of the must have feature that everyone takes into consideration while buying a smart phone. Smart phones come with high resolution cameras. The megapixels depend on how much you spend on your gadget. 12-13 MP camera phones along with flash will cost you more but 2-5 MP camera phones will be comparatively lower in cost. VGA cameras are no longer used in smart phones. Even a basic smart phone consists of at least 2 MP camera. Time is not far when smart phones will replace the digital cameras also.
How smart phones are baggage friendly? What would you carry while going out for a vacation? Some most important things like Maps, laptop and your Ipod. You cannot afford to miss out on these things while you are on the go. Maps tells you the current location along with the road map of the area so you may not chose the wrong path, laptop as to do any last minute office assignment and stay connected with the social media and I pod makes sure that you don’t miss on your favorite music. A smart phone is an all in one multipurpose phone which can be treated as a cell phone, music player, I pod, camera and map to meet all your needs and also compact in size which acquires very less space in your carry bag.

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