Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Points To Be Taken Care Of While Video Recording on Smartphones

Mobile phones are no longer just dumb phones. Their purpose is much more than making and receiving calls. This is the epoch of smartphones. They have completely crucial part of our lives. In these times, imagining our lives without a cell phone is just not possible. Emailing, taking pictures, social networking, video calling, setting reminders for meetings etc are all important aspects. One very important highlight is the video recording feature. Gone are the days when one had to carry a digi-cam or a handy cam around. Our smartphones are fully packed with these aspects.

  • Importance of video recording in smartphones

The latest mobile phones provide HD camcorders within one’s reach at all the times. The quality of the videos can largely vary depending on the smart devices. Some of them have high resolution cameras to offer, making the process worthwhile. In these fast pace times, one feels the constant need to capture or video record the important moments. Such moments can easily be recorded for future reference. Also business meeting, functions can be recorded. This feature is important from the professional angle. Especially in the media, the phones offering this feature are in great demand as carrying a video camera everywhere is tough due to the bulky size.

Few points should be taken note of before using your smartphone as a video recorder:-

  • Correct light is of utmost importance. Bright light makes everything look brighter and better.  So the best option is to record a video outdoors. Direct sunlight should be avoided though. Night time option is available but clarity is drastically affected due to indoors lighting.

  • The lens of the phone should be kept clean to get the optimum results. Also mind your finger while shooting a video. It should not obscure the lens.

  • Also to be kept in mind is the mic of the phone. One should be clear about where is it located and should be uncovered during recording. 

  • Get a wide shot of the video. The cell phones should be kept horizontal for best results. The shots can be easily rotated, if desired during editing and uploaded.

  • The phone should not be shaking. It should always be kept perfectly steady during recording.

  • Recording should be carried on in quiet places for audio inputs. Also keep in mind to keep the mic closer while taping.

  • Foremost, invest in a good phone for the purpose and do detailed markets review before the purchase.

Friday, 28 March 2014

3G Enabled Smartphones

The telephones have come a long way from being bulky and non portable to palm fitting compact gadgets. 3G enabled Smartphones have become the need of the hour. It provides an instant access to the web from anywhere. For the various applications which these phones offer like video chatting, browsing, text chatting, emailing, sharing pictures, 3G compatibility is of utmost importance. 3G can be understood as the mobile networking for the third generation. It facilitates the transfer of data at much advanced speeds in comparison to the older 2G networking. The enhanced speed of the new era networking in the mobile phones provides much faster downloading, browsing and streaming. In fact it allows the user to make video calls, watch television and access the net with the help of wireless network.

This modern age networking gives us the opportunity to be in sync with fast growing age of communication innovations. 3G will basically help its owner to exploit the various features provided with the smartphones to the hilt. With the expansion of 3G network across the globe, one will be very satisfied by investing in the advanced piece of technology.

The list of options and advantages with the 3G compatible hi tech phones are endless. Communication is the top most one. With the advanced networking in the mobile phones, one is not only able to text or make voice calls but can actually make video calls. The separated ones in kilometers can virtually look at each other and talk. This is a landmark in the age of mobile communications. One can also stay updated and connected in the friend circle with the help of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Events from day to day life, quotations, pictures, status, news, reminders on birthdays, anniversaries, can  all be posted at the click of  a button with the hi end smartphones.

Navigation feature can easily help you to track your way or find a new way all together with the help of GPRS. Family members can sync their schedules to know where abouts of each other with the help of calendar app. Or parents can get a quick access to the child’s school calendar to know about forthcoming events and meetings. Other added exciting features include saving money through retail stores offers that can be unlocked with the help of smartphones which can scan their QR codes. Also one can get instant updates regarding sales or deals through notifications. Paying your electricity bills, rents, credit card bills can all be taken care of with the help of the smart gadgets. For frequent flyers, it gets very convenient as one can keep a watch over the best available deals on tickets. Baggage check-in, flight timings, booking a seat can all be taken care of with the help of 3G enabled phones. Listening and downloading movies, songs, games, working on projects are all added features of these devices.

3G has become the need of the hour. The gadgets cannot be put to optimum use without the advanced age networking. To exploit what smartphones have to offer, 3G network is a must have.

Smartphones-Boon Or A Curse

Smartphones is the latest craze in the market. It is not only the need of the hour but owning one of a good brand has become a status symbol. It not only provides you with the on the go information but is a storehouse of infinite information, is very compact and convenient to use, The gadgets have revolutionized the way people receive information. They provide you with constant updates, news, emails, social networking, entertainment inform of music, movies, games and more. Inspite of all the notable applications , these phones have considerable amount of drawbacks.
The biggest problem is the exorbitant prices in comparison to the basic gadgets. These can have tremendous effect on your pocket if you are planning to buy one. Moreover the data plans that these phones need for net connectivity and the applications to run, also cost you, affecting your monthly budget significantly.
Net connectivity is provided with the help of Wi-Fi or data packages. One can be online all the time and can be in sync with the world and business. But since there is constant exchange of information at all times in form of data, security is a big problem. Apps are generally provided with a password but it is not safe in these changing times. Hacking of accounts, identity theft are the major reasons of concern with these phones on the insecure network connections. Most of the data is highly vulnerable.
Also the workers productivity is hampered due to distraction caused by these phones. One is always tempted to check accounts or get in touch with the world, all thanks to the phones which have so much to offer and easily fits into pocket. It can be carried almost everywhere and has become an indispensable part of life. Many youths face the problem of identity crisis if they lose their phone or are not able to access it for a while. They cause disturbance by ringing in meeting, seminars while driving and hinder in focusing. Also many people have tough time while typing on a touch screen or using one hand to type. Lowcost handsets and easy availability has made it very easy for everyone to have phone in their pockets which ultimately spoils the children if they aren’t monitored properly.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Smart phones- best friends of every individual

The features and uses mentioned in the article are surely going to help you while buying a Smartphones for yourself. Smart phones have very efficiently replaced the laptops, organizers and PDA's as these alone are enough to serve you with its innumerable functions and applications. Smart phone is an innovation which has changed everyone's life by becoming a big savor of time and resources.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Why Opt for Dual Sim Smart Phones?

Smart phones with dual sim have come to imply an absolute requisite these days. Today every other individual around you is flashing their smart phones with double sim cards. This is because having multiple phones becomes ever more complicated and intricate to handle.

There is an amazing variety of double sim smart mobiles
which you can handle efficiently. With just one phone, you can administer both your home and work with utmost ease.
Divergent to the belief that manifold sim cards would be arduous, it could be a real benefit because that would truly facilitate you to make the most of diverse plans and schemes. While travelling, you can effortlessly get an additional sim card to make calls at a reasonable price in and from your target country. Even data consumption rate on your cell phone becomes economical. It becomes more handy and convenient for a person to operate, rather than carrying separate phones for work and personal use. Buying a dual sim smart phone is a perfect idea particularly for people who are recurrently on the move. It is a good selection for the youth as well who like to take pleasure in the liberty of keeping two separate numbers and use it as a fashion statement as well.

Apart from the twin sim feature, these smart phones have inherent music players and FM radio. With the aid of various other tools available, you can even keep yourself informed with important notifications from various spheres like education, farming, and fitness, etc.  Few of the smart phones are also pre-loaded with social networking sites and also have a flexible memory storage space. Other features include, full touch screen, high resolution camera, GPRS and Wifi connectivity. These features make your phone work like a mini-computer from which you can control the world. Some of the finest double sim handsets are equipped with the provision of using CDMA and GSM connection at the same time.

Two sim card phones are mainly of two different kinds- standby double sim phone and active twin sim phones. In standby twin sim phones these dual-sim adapters are made accessible to be used in usual mobile phones and allow them to enclose two sims and to toggle from one to the other according to the situation. The active two-sim phones can work with two sims, both of which may be active at the same point of time.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Smart Phones Are a Necessity Rather Than a Luxury

Whether it be students, travelers, businessmen or anyone else, everyone has been benefited with one or the other features of these phones. Companies who program, design and launch these phones try to stand up to everyone's expectations as people spend generously on their smart phones. These phones are stylish, highly useful and popular among all age groups. 
Gone are the days when Smart phones were counted amongst the luxurious devices. These phones have now become the need of the hour and almost everyone from a businessman to a student owns it. Nowadays phones are much attractive, light weight, easy to carry and affordable thus making it popular and a must have gadget for everyone.