Friday, 28 March 2014

3G Enabled Smartphones

The telephones have come a long way from being bulky and non portable to palm fitting compact gadgets. 3G enabled Smartphones have become the need of the hour. It provides an instant access to the web from anywhere. For the various applications which these phones offer like video chatting, browsing, text chatting, emailing, sharing pictures, 3G compatibility is of utmost importance. 3G can be understood as the mobile networking for the third generation. It facilitates the transfer of data at much advanced speeds in comparison to the older 2G networking. The enhanced speed of the new era networking in the mobile phones provides much faster downloading, browsing and streaming. In fact it allows the user to make video calls, watch television and access the net with the help of wireless network.

This modern age networking gives us the opportunity to be in sync with fast growing age of communication innovations. 3G will basically help its owner to exploit the various features provided with the smartphones to the hilt. With the expansion of 3G network across the globe, one will be very satisfied by investing in the advanced piece of technology.

The list of options and advantages with the 3G compatible hi tech phones are endless. Communication is the top most one. With the advanced networking in the mobile phones, one is not only able to text or make voice calls but can actually make video calls. The separated ones in kilometers can virtually look at each other and talk. This is a landmark in the age of mobile communications. One can also stay updated and connected in the friend circle with the help of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Events from day to day life, quotations, pictures, status, news, reminders on birthdays, anniversaries, can  all be posted at the click of  a button with the hi end smartphones.

Navigation feature can easily help you to track your way or find a new way all together with the help of GPRS. Family members can sync their schedules to know where abouts of each other with the help of calendar app. Or parents can get a quick access to the child’s school calendar to know about forthcoming events and meetings. Other added exciting features include saving money through retail stores offers that can be unlocked with the help of smartphones which can scan their QR codes. Also one can get instant updates regarding sales or deals through notifications. Paying your electricity bills, rents, credit card bills can all be taken care of with the help of the smart gadgets. For frequent flyers, it gets very convenient as one can keep a watch over the best available deals on tickets. Baggage check-in, flight timings, booking a seat can all be taken care of with the help of 3G enabled phones. Listening and downloading movies, songs, games, working on projects are all added features of these devices.

3G has become the need of the hour. The gadgets cannot be put to optimum use without the advanced age networking. To exploit what smartphones have to offer, 3G network is a must have.


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  7. 3G has become the need of the hour. The gadgets cannot be put to optimum use without the advanced age networking. To exploit what smartphones have to offer, 3G network is a must have.

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