Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Points To Be Taken Care Of While Video Recording on Smartphones

Mobile phones are no longer just dumb phones. Their purpose is much more than making and receiving calls. This is the epoch of smartphones. They have completely crucial part of our lives. In these times, imagining our lives without a cell phone is just not possible. Emailing, taking pictures, social networking, video calling, setting reminders for meetings etc are all important aspects. One very important highlight is the video recording feature. Gone are the days when one had to carry a digi-cam or a handy cam around. Our smartphones are fully packed with these aspects.

  • Importance of video recording in smartphones

The latest mobile phones provide HD camcorders within one’s reach at all the times. The quality of the videos can largely vary depending on the smart devices. Some of them have high resolution cameras to offer, making the process worthwhile. In these fast pace times, one feels the constant need to capture or video record the important moments. Such moments can easily be recorded for future reference. Also business meeting, functions can be recorded. This feature is important from the professional angle. Especially in the media, the phones offering this feature are in great demand as carrying a video camera everywhere is tough due to the bulky size.

Few points should be taken note of before using your smartphone as a video recorder:-

  • Correct light is of utmost importance. Bright light makes everything look brighter and better.  So the best option is to record a video outdoors. Direct sunlight should be avoided though. Night time option is available but clarity is drastically affected due to indoors lighting.

  • The lens of the phone should be kept clean to get the optimum results. Also mind your finger while shooting a video. It should not obscure the lens.

  • Also to be kept in mind is the mic of the phone. One should be clear about where is it located and should be uncovered during recording. 

  • Get a wide shot of the video. The cell phones should be kept horizontal for best results. The shots can be easily rotated, if desired during editing and uploaded.

  • The phone should not be shaking. It should always be kept perfectly steady during recording.

  • Recording should be carried on in quiet places for audio inputs. Also keep in mind to keep the mic closer while taping.

  • Foremost, invest in a good phone for the purpose and do detailed markets review before the purchase.